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Taping PRO

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Functional or taping bandages (taping English) are techniques bandages, consistent and made of elastic or inelastic orthosis, by tape or tapes tapes, for the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries.The bandage is called functional because it limits the joint, in a particular movement, but allows other joint ranges of motion, allowing the injured function, in turn enhancing the inflammatory process.
The wide variety of taping techniques used in joints such as the shoulder, elbow, wrist, fingers, ankle, knee. Also for muscle problems, such as bandages discharge, shortening, etc. . .
From my experience as a professional nurse propose this application as a means to popularize and extend the use of the most common functional bandages , explaining step by step and very illustrative manner, pretending to be a support tool for professionals ( therapists , doctors, nurses / as) in their daily clinical practice.
The application is configured similarly to an "electronic book" or "e -book " with functioning Web-based navigation, but does NOT need internet connection to function.
Reading each page is done by moving vertically with your finger, as in any web page. To turn the page you can move your finger horizontally and use the keypad to the top of the screen.
Clicking on a picture you can access a full screen view of it, where you can "zoom” to see the details.
This application includes a general introduction to the taping , explaining the why aspects of biomechanics, types of techniques, indications, contraindications and basic elements , further including the detailed explanation of all the techniques of bandages series:
- BANDAGE FUNCTIONAL ANKLE: elastic taping the ankle with edema, inelastic taping and taping the ankle joint.
- BANDAGE FUNCTIONAL FINGER : immobilization of the second and third hand fingers ( syndactyly ) , limitation of abduction of the thumb , bandage for sprains of the collateral ligaments of the interphalangeal joint and bandage the finger joint 2nd to 5th
Definitely TAPING PRO is the ideal application since gathered all bandaging techniques in a single app at a great price.